Short answer response to each of four prompts/questions:
Each question 500 words


1. Explain organisaonal governance in the context of healthcare, outlining mechanisms in place in Australia to support governance.  Demonstrate your understanding using an example of governance failure in Australia. 
2. Discuss quality and safety in healthcare, detailing the relevant naonal model/framework and describing the influence of culture.   
3. Using a case study/studies as provided in class, discuss the complexes associated with change management in health, describing a change management model used in health care. 
4. Describe funding models in the Australian context, outlining what may be driving change in funding arrangements.


Learning outcomes measured:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of the organizational aspects of health services and the impact these have on performance.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of resource allocation methods and their application.
3. Critically analyze diverse social, cultural and organizational practices and required skills applicable in change management


Reference style: APA citation style