Word Count : 3000 words

Learning outcomes:  

  1. Analyse critically the strategic planning and implementation process in a global  context. 
  2. Synthesise and evaluate critically organisational leadership, particularly the  principles that support values and strategies in a global context.  
  3. Apply and appraise critically different approaches to innovation and change  management. 
  4. Evaluate, synthesise and draw conclusions from emerging models of  strategies, their impact on relations with management, strategic direction and  implementation in a global environment. 
  5. Identify a range of strategic leadership styles and critically evaluate their  impact on strategy; ethics and values; and assess the benefits and limitations  of each style. 

Assessment details: Individual Portfolio (tasks and activities accumulated over the  semester), (2,500 words +/- 10%) 


Harvard Referencing throughout the assignment where required. Follow the Harvard Referencing Handbook for  assignment at the ULBS. 

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