Word Count : 2000 words

Learning outcomes:  

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of graduate skills, employability skills and the changing labour market; what the key skills are, how they apply to graduates generally and more specifically, how they apply to themselves (using a variety of diagnostic/self-audit tools) and what is needed in the changing labour market
  2. Display an increased self-awareness and understanding of the principles of adult learning and continuous professional development (CPD), including personal development planning, writing SMART objectives, taking actions, critically reflecting on own learning and monitoring own progress
  3. Show evidence of improvement in a variety of key employability skills, including their verbal and written communication skills, presentation skills, group working, negotiation skills, creativity/entrepreneurial skills, self-awareness etc
  4. Identify and select a range of literature sources, beyond the taught material, covering theory and research in relation to employability skills, CPD, learning, reflection etc and to use these to underpin their personal learning and development

Assessment brief

This assessment requires you to write a 2000-word reflective essay about the development of three employability skills during semester 1. You must use the essay template, provided on the module. Your reflections should be based upon the completed appendices, listed below. To pass, you must include the following in the appendices section at the end of your submission:

  • Evidence of 6 completed self-audit activities.
  • A personal SWOT analysis based upon the results from 6 completed self-audit activities.
  • A personal development plan PDP covering 3 employability skills, based on the weaknesses from your personal SWOT analysis. This needs to be updated over the 
  • Career Action Plan (CAP)
  • A new CV with evidence that CV360 has been used.

Referencing Style : Harvard Referencing

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