B9MG008 – Strategic Marketing Analysis

This module will be delivered using blended teaching and learning techniques. Each week will consist of a number of different activities in the order of incremental complexity.

The class activities will include formal lectures using powerpoint slides and online material, class discussions and role-play, Business Game scenarios, Group learning both collaborative and competitive

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Statistical Analysis

The effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccination has been studied. First, prior to it being approved
through clinical trials. However, with the rolling out of the vaccination by countries, the
effectiveness studies have moved outside of lab-controlled environment.
While the vaccination cannot cure Covid-19, the use of it is linked to some level of prevention
and in reduction in more severe symptoms such as hospitalisation and death.

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A case study analysis of JDPi Automotive manufacturer

Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:
1 Evaluate common challenges faced by procurement and supply chain managers
and how to overcome them.
2 Appraise main contracting issues and the legal implications for major
programmes and projects for successful completion.
3 Critique the main legal issues that relate to the formation of relationships in supply

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