Word Count : 1300 words

Introduction and summary of case facts (100 words)
Briefly summaries relevant case facts to set the scene for analysis.

Key Cultural Differences Between X and Y countries (700 words)
(relate each difference to theories and to examples in the case)
–Difference 1
–Difference 2
–Difference 3
Failures to Bridge Cultural Differences (900 words)
Discuss theoretical models for bridging cultural differences and point out where in the case this
bridging was not adequately undertaken and who in your opinion has failed to make an effort and
why. Relate your discussion here to the differences you have outlined in the previous section.

Conclusions and Recommendations (300 words)
Summaries your analysis and advance 2-3 recommendations. Make sure you make it clear who your
recommendations are for and what actions your recommend and why. Link this to the previous