COMM5000 Context
This is a real business question that PwC is investigating. The role is to play as one of a consultant contracted by PwC to assist with the analysis of data using the COMM5000 data analysis tools, which include descriptive and inferential statistics.
The work will be scaffolded into two milestones M1 (20%) & M2 (20%)) and a final project report (60%). Every milestone will require you to use what you have learned to address specific aspects of the data. Generally, M1 consists of an exploratory data analysis, whereas M2 is concerned with identifying hypotheses and formulating key inferential questions. In the final project report, all the insights gathered from M1 and M2 are used to model the data to answer the project questions.

Description of assessment task
In M1, you have spent time understanding the dataset of your assigned country or countries. M2 aims to use hypothesis testing to explore some of the patterns you may have observed in your analysis in M1.
To address the question of whether the profitability of wholesale companies differs by country of jurisdiction, we can check bar charts of key profitability variables by industry or for the whole country and compare between countries.

This is what some of you were able to do in M1, and others will be describing while preparing for M2. However, this descriptive analysis needs to be given a statistical analysis. This will be achieved by conducting significance hypothesis tests to evaluate the evidence from the data and measure uncertainty around the conclusions made.

Word Count : 1500-2000 words (not including tables, graphs, and references)