Word Count : 2500 words

Learning Outcomes :

  1. Critically assess the role of marketing analysis in the corporate context
  2. Demonstrate an in- depth understanding of applied analytical marketing.
  3. Critically evaluate appropriate marketing concepts and techniques in strategic marketing decision-making.
  4. Evaluate the importance of the marketing mix in achieving strategic objectives.
  5. Apply course content to develop an analysis of an organisation’s marketing program

Topic : DBSStrategic Marketing Analysis

Analysis Process: 

Overview of strategic marketingmanagement:

  • Key steps involved in the process of strategic management.
  • Marketing and its role in strategy, innovative marketing strategies for a dynamic economy

Understanding Strategic Marketing Analysis:

  • Introduction to and understanding strategic marketing analysis, developing marketing strategies and plans; managing digital technology in marketing

CAS Assignment :

CA1: Evaluation of a brand and its positioning strategy (25%)
CA2: Focusing on the Product/Service provided under this brand, highlight with supporting evidence why it is successful in the market. (25%)
CA3: Analyse any TWO P’s providing clear evidence to highlight the role of these two P’s in the performance of the brand during the past year (2021) (50%)Assignment Details and Instructions

Additional Resources :

Harvard Business Review

Journal of Marketing

Journal of Marketing Research

Journal of Advertising

Journal of Marketing Communications

European Journal of Marketing