Word Count : 2000 words

Learning Outcomes :

  1. Understand the concept and principles of risk

  2. Identify the key principles of risk measurement

  3. Critically evaluate the causes and consequences of banking crises and identify risk management remedies

  4. Understand the economic; regulatory; ethical; and governance environment that banks operate within 

  5. Engage in independent research to identify, synthesise, and utilise information from a range of sources.

Skills assessed:

1.1.1 Identify and interrogate relevant data and literature sources using methods appropriate to level of study and to discipline 

1.1.2a (UG) Apply theory to discussion and analysis

2.1.1 Organise work in a logical structure in order to draw conclusions that follow from line of argument  

2.1.2 Apply consistent and appropriate referencing and in text citations

3.1.1 Recognise, explore and reflect on key ethical issues as they affect own and others’ practice

4.1.1 Identify and explain professional and commercial/corporate issues

4.1.2 Critically evaluate professional and commercial/corporate issues

4.2.1 Identify and explain debates in their global and/or international context

Assignment Details and Instructions



You are the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at Targaryen Bank plc, a large UK high street bank.  A new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has recently been appointed and he would like to gain some appreciation of the key Operational Risks faced by the bank.



In your capacity as CRO at Targaryen Bank plc, you have been asked to write a report, by the new CEO, using the 4 areas identified by Resti & Sironi (2007) namely People, Systems, Processes and External Events.  In the report, you should identify the key risks faced by the bank within each area and justify their importance in the context of a UK high street bank.

Additional guidance


Students should allocate the available word count evenly (see suggested word count below) between the 4 areas identified by Resti & Sironi.  


  • Students are required to write a report not an essay.  This should involve the use of sub-headings, sub-sections, and diagrams where appropriate. Marks are awarded for presentation (see Marking Scheme below). 
  • Students should complete the report on an individual basis. 
  • Word count: 2,000 words +/- 10%. The word count excludes bibliography, references, tables, headings, sub-headings and appendices.
  • You must put the word count at the end of the report.
  • Any essays that exceed the word count limit will only be marked up to the 2,200-word limit, any content after this will not be marked.
  • You should base the discussion and support your views / arguments / conclusions by reference to the thoughts of others that you will have read in the literature.


Referencing Style

Correct use of the Harvard referencing system is required and all sources used must be fully acknowledged in the essay and its reference list