Word Count : 1200 words

Learning Outcomes :

  • Knowledge and Understanding : understand the current computing technological, commercial and economic contexts where social, ethical and legal issues and dilemmas may arise;
  • Skills and Attributes : be able to produce outputs and documentation of those outputs to demonstrate compliance with legal, ethical and professional standards;
    be able to summarize high profile cases where the meaning of social, legal and ethical issues have been elaborated in detail.

Assignment Tasks 

Your task is to provide a concise report in ONE of the following topics: 

  1. Psychological safety in Agile teams. 
  2. Automation of web accessibility testing. 
  3. De-identification of patient data. 

This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment, so you must not discuss your chosen topic and/or report with others. Be mindful of your files; this is a module covers professional codes of conduct and therefore there is an additional level required of you. It is your responsibility to be aware of expected academic practice; for example, keep your files and University credentials safe. 

Your report must: 

  1. Define key themes for your chosen topic (e.g. psychological safety in Agile teams, automated web accessibility testing, or de-identification of patient data); 
  2. Identify and analyse key arguments in the area; 
  3. Provide a conclusion that summarises your findings; 
  4. Provide a list of recommendations or implications for computing professionals/practitioners;
  5. 5. List all your references.