To develop a plan to expand domestic sales and operations of a currently existing business entity into a foreign market.  The expansion must increase profits and have access to all needed resources.

You are to explore opportunities that could allow your firm to participate in the rapidly growing global economy.  You will select a foreign country and then explore all market opportunities for the firm in the foreign country.

You will prepare a report of your completed research with recommendations.

The typed report must include the following components:

  1. Title Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Executive Summary (at least 1 full page): 

a. Summarize the current business from its inception to where it is today.  Highlight key events in the history of the company.  Identify current business activities to be considered in going global.

4. Main Body of the Research Report
a. To be 5 – 7 pages typed and double spaced with font size 12
b. Include conclusions and recommendations on whether or not to expand into the foreign country you have chosen.
c. Address the following criteria:
• Population (distribution and density)
• Political and Economic Stability (including attitude of government to foreign businesses – expropriation, confiscation)
• Legal System
• Culture and its impact (religion, language, foods, manners, customs, etc.)
• Infrastructure including utilities, distribution network, education, medical, etc. 
• Climate
• Health statistics (infant mortality, age distribution, life expectancy)
• Technology
• Labor Force (skill sets available versus required)
• Purchasing power of population
• Currency and appropriate exchange rates
• Competition
• Media availability
• Income distribution including GDP and GNP per capita

5. Bibliography (at least three references) – Harvard