Learning Outcomes tested in this assessment (from the Module Descriptor):
Knowledge & Understanding:

  • Deploy comprehensive knowledge and understanding of appropriate techniques and tools to plan, research and manage a computing technical project
  • ¬†Outline and critically discuss what relevant research has been previously undertaken, in the past, in your area of interest and why this project is necessary.
  • ¬†Outline and critically discuss why the research will be of value, in the future, and what the anticipated impact of the outcomes will be.
  • Set out and justify, where your work will fit in the computing body of knowledge. This is not a literature review.
  • Provide a diagram such as a mind map illustrating the position of your proposed project in the computing body of knowledge.

Instructions to students:

This is an individual piece of work and you must not work with others to construct your report.

During the semester there are numerous opportunities to seek and get advice and support on your work, from tutors and peers but you must ensure you do not do work for others or copy work from others, to do so would constitute academic misconduct.