Word Count : 3000 words

Learning Outcomes :

The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
a) Explore relevant ethical issues and systematise, defend, recommend and implement ethical principles to the conduct of scholarly research.
b) Determine the appropriate research methods for your chosen research project.
c) Apply advanced skills in selecting appropriate data analysis and interpretation strategies for your research design.

Assessment Task
Moving forward from alignment, you are required to provide the rationale and detail for appropriate research methods for your research project. This should include consideration of the ethical issues
and recommended implementation of the ethical principles for your chosen method as well as initial consideration of the types of analysis and interpretation that would be undertaken.
In consultation with your supervisor, choose and provide an appropriate rationale for your chosen research method for your project.
• To complete this assessment task, you must identify and detail the elements of an
appropriate research method, along with the relevant ethical principles that need to be
implemented when undertaking the research.
• You should summarize these issues presenting a well-argued rationale that also includes the
type of data analysis and interpretation required for the project.
• The rationale should include appropriate references.


  • This is a formal scientific report so you must use numbered sections and sub sections, make it clear and logical and include references. (Note references are not included in the word count) 
  • For References use either endnote or refwork will make life easier 


  • Particular Quality Standard
  • Identify all of the important aspects


  • Looking for things cited properly
  • Quality of Reference
  • Numbers
  • Consistency

Communication & Presentation

  • Plagiarism
  • Your own work (not copy and paste)
  • Spell check, proof reader
  • Presentation (cover page, table contents)
  • Page number
  • Spacing
  • Paragraphs
  • Bold
  • Different sizes of Headings depending on the importance
  • Same style of writing, arial, times new roman…etc