Individual assignment :   

Critically discuss why and how different HR functions make use of analytics in contemporary organisations.  (2500 words)

And a Reflective piece that will focus on the student’s experience of data analysis with AI/analytics software based on Week 6 and 7 workshop (PASS/ FAIL) (500 words)

Task Details/Description:

For the individual assignment students can choose diverse number of topics from across the module content. This is an open-ended question that provides students an opportunity to explore their views on HR analytics. Some topics can include but not limited to: the link between AI and analytics, the importance of analytics in chosen HR functions, reasons behind choosing to use analytics, different metrics that are taken into account, information on data that are collected, different challenges and ethical considerations organisations are facing along with future opportunities that are emerging in the area etc., However, their views needs to be supported and drawn from academic concepts and theories as opposed to being from a layman’s perspective.

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

 –To evaluate the rationales, fundamental principles and theoretical underpinnings of AI and analytics in the context of HRM. (Individual Assignment)

–   To critically review the use and challenges of AI and HRM analytics in the modern workplace (Group Assignment)

–   To understand the fundamentals of data and its application to HR decision making in business (Group Assignment)

–   To evaluate the use of AI and data analytical skills in practice (Reflection)