Assignment 2:

(50% of module mark). Quality Function Development (QFD) The coursework should be no more than 5000words, excluding appendices, table of contents, table of figures and tables and reference table.(not including the House of Quality (HOQdescriptors). There should be no appendices. You may use any other Quality tools that mayaid you in this assessment.


You are required to:

1. Describe a process/system/service of your choice.

2. Brainstorm and describe the ‘What’s’ and ‘How’s’ (14-20 of each). If you are omitting any of these from your HOQ, then explain why.

3. Construct a HOQ for this process/system/service. Clearly describe each part of the HOQ with respect to your process/system/service. For any part(s) of the HOQ which cannot be done because of lack of information, confidentiality, etc., complete the part(s) with simulated information and describe how data would be collected to complete the missing part(s).

4. Detail outcomes, recommendations and conclusions based on your HOQ.

2.Assessment Criteria

Asingle descriptive grade (e.g. middistinction, lowcommendation etc.) will be given, based on the marking criteria of this document.

  • If references (other than the required reading for the seminar task) are included in your work, you should cite references appropriately in your work.
  • Information on NTU’srequirements for referencing, and guidance on how to avoid plagiarism are at the Libraries & Learning Resources webpage at this link
  • Library staff at both Clifton and City campuses can also help you.


  • Referencing styles please use the Harvard Convention(Harvard APA 6thEdition)
  • Remember to use Outlook or physical calendars to block out time between lectures, seminars, tutorialsand to work on this courseworkand for submission deadline date