This project consists of three activities: Section

1. Please provide a detailed critique of at least two well-used research methodologies. Section

2. Please construct a research instrument that could be used to collect data in your capstone project. You will not be collecting any data –just designing the tool. Section 3. Please reflect upon the audience and critical aspects of research dissemination in the specific context of your potential research findings and outcomes from the developed instrument.

Structure and presentation

Any written work should be spell-checked, and a contents page should be included. Do notuse various font sizes and colours. Black ink, Arial, size 11, 1.5 lines spaced is recommended. Use DIN A4 format and page margins of 2.5 cm or 1 inch.

Your report should be presented in good academic style, having been formatted using the Harvard referencing system and proofread for grammatical errors. It should not exceed 3,500 words includingtables and figures but excluding references.

Reading List

Essential Readings

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Bryman, A., & Bell, E. (2015)Business Research Methods(4thedition). Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Recommended Readings

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