Word Count : 1000 words

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding

  •  Systematic understanding of career planning and factors that impact on career trajectories and developing managerial and collaborative working strategies to identify and manage relevant personal and organisational related strategic leadership ambitions.

Demonstrate the following skills and abilities

  • Critically audit self against relevant skills / organisational competences to create and manage a personal development plan, evaluating its effectiveness and assessing impact on strategic leadership goals relative to personal, organisational and inter-organisational collaborative performance and impact.

Produce a Personal Development Plan (PDP) linked to your competences and behaviours which you will need to be successful in your career planning. This should include Objectives, Methods of achieving these objectives, Timeline. The PDP should be included as an appendix.

Write a 1000 word narrative describing your PDP and reflecting on your personal learning from this unit, including an explanation of how you will present yourself in your own digital branding.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

In order to pass the Assessment you will need to:

  • Assess the relationship between existing, required and future skills to achieve the identified professional ambitions
  • Construct a meaningful personal development plan and implementation plan to achieve professional development.
  • Develop a digital professional brand that is suitable to your evaluation of skills, achievements, and professional aspirations

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?

Produce a professional and compelling Personal Development Plan, linked to the themes covered in the unit. This should be presented as an appendix, perhaps as an Excel file or Word table, and should include clear objectives and an outline of the strategies you will use to achieve these objectives.

Your 1000 words narrative should provide a reflective summary of your PDP, outlining your key personal learning and realisations from this unit, and should critically explore your current competencies as they relate to your objectives.

In summary, to achieve the highest marks you will need to evaluate and critically reflect on your own behaviours and values.  The assignment needs focus and to provide a clear direction, which is argued and evidenced well. 

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?

The sessions present a series of different topics relating to your professional environment (Values, Personal Branding, Ethics, Leadership, Collaboration, Career Planning). The group sessions give an opportunity to give and receive coaching linked to these topics, which can be directly connected with your PDP.

Reference : BU Harvard