Task 1 : 3500 words

Task 2 : 10 slides

Creating a Project Management Plan Based on a case study of your choice, identify and produce a project management plan for a technical/software project. The project should be at initiation stage and be implementing change, the project will be adding new services or product. You must be able to establish specific project objectives. The project must have a requirement for different project resources, including people. It is important to balance the selection of a project with sufficient complexity and size to clearly demonstrate the team’s understanding of and ability to apply the project management concepts, models, tools, and techniques that you have studied. The project chosen can be currently underway, an in-company or in the public domain (in any sector) or a project of your own choosing.


1. Formulate a comprehensive project plan for your project (Report). The project plan should cover from time now to completion.

This project plan must be professionally presented and must include: 
• Clearly defined Goal(s), Objective(s), Deliverables, and Milestones. 
• Detailed Project Requirements (Business, Solution, Transition, Project, Quality, etc.) 
• Project Assumptions and Project Constraints. 
• Scope Plan including Change Management Process (change control process).  
• Schedule Plan; Appropriate Diagrams and Gantt Charts. 
• Project Budget and Earned Value Management analysis (planned and accumulative planned; Actual and accumulated actual costs. 
• Detailed Resourcing Plan aligned to tasks and activities. 
• Project Communications Plan including Stakeholder Analysis.  
• Comprehensive Risk Plan including analysis, risk register including quantitative and qualitative risk assessment, risk tolerances and risk thresholds. 
• Stakeholder definition.  

2. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of your project plan (10 slides)

You are planning the project from the perspective of the project manager and you should assume that you are looking to gain approval to implement or continue this project.