BSS050-6 Strategic Management : Assignment 1- written analysis of an industry and a firm

1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding : Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of strategic information, including financial statements, corporate reports related to the nature and characteristics of strategic issues and problems.

2. Demonstrate the following skills and abilities: Deploy analytical tools of strategic management in relation to both the external and internal environments of organisations to synthesise, evaluate and develop appropriate strategic options in a complex environment.

Your assessment is a 2400 (+/- 10%) word individually written report assessing the attractiveness of a given industry and the distinctiveness

of a firm. The essay accounts for 40 % of the total mark.

1 When possible this unit use live case study. In the case no firm can be found, the tutor will provide a list of firms the students can work from

2 Collect information about the company and the industry in which the company evolves. Construct strategic tools that will lead to the

analysis performed in your individual report. This task is your research and is not graded. However without the research you will not be

able to successfully complete the individual task

3. The Individual Report (2400 words). This submission only will be graded.

  • Provide a critical analysis of the business environment of the firm. You should consider the main competitors and their competitive position; the structure of the industry, market details (value; share etc.); current trends and key drivers in the market; future trends and key drivers in the market. You will need to base some of your analysis on the reflection you have posted on your individual journal (Attractiveness of the industry).
  • Provide a critical internal analysis of the firm giving details of its current strategic position and tactics. You should also consider the resources and capabilities of the firm and how they impact upon the success or otherwise of the firm. You will need to base some of your analysis on the reflection you have posted on your individual journal> (Distinctiveness of the firm based on the identification of competitive advantages).

The submission will be in the form of a consultant’s report. The exact presentation style will be at your discretion, but should be a professional, business-like report. It should also use Harvard referencing.