CM3020 Artificial Intelligence : Reviewing research papers about robotic science Written report up to 2000 words

Reviewing research papers about robotic science

In this part of the assignment, we would like you to carry out a small scale literature review about robotic science.

The output of your work is a document, written in your own words, containing the following elements:

Introduction to the field of robotic science

What is robotic science? What is it aiming to achieve? What kind of techniques does it use?

Descriptions of three papers about robotic science

Find three research papers about robotic science.For each paper, write a paragraph answering the following questions:

* What are the researchers trying to achieve?

* Which techniques did they use to address the problem?

* Which techniques did they use to evaluate their research?

* How successfully do you think they were in achieving their goals?

* Did they provide any source code or open data?

Creating a timeline of developments in robotic science

Place the papers you read on a timeline. Identify the key techniques used in the papers you read. Find out when those techniques became available. For example, if one of the papers uses LSTM neural networks, find out when those networks became generally available and put that date on the timeline as well.

Discussion of ethics of robotic science

For each paper, state if the researchers explicitly discussed ethics in the paper. State your own opinion about the ethics of the research. Explain and justify your opinion as clearly as you can.

Statement on the reliability of the references chosen

How reliable do you think the papers you read were? Do you think this work should be taken seriously? Why?