Write about an organization which had cybersecurity issues about AI in telemedicine and what intervention they have taken in case studies)

Introduction Brief Introduction to the cyber-security intervention/innovation topic. Specify your project as a research-oriented project or a practice-oriented project. Origin/Background of the cybersecurity intervention  /innovation.
 Defining the scope of the cybersecurity intervention/innovation. A Concept Map of your final project Constructing a concept map to connect the cybersecurity concepts you learned from the project. The concept map should take up a maximum of one page. Briefly describe what your concept map entails and its components. The Milestones/Processes of the Intervention/Innovation Explaining the Major Processes/Milestones of the development or evolution of the intervention/innovation. Case Studies Discussing whether the intervention/innovation is at the individual-level,organization-level, or system-level. Describing what types of Cybersecurity threats the intervention/innovation seeks to monitor, stop, mitigate, or prevent. Analyzing how the chosen case(s)/example(s)/ product(s)/service(s)/solution(s) work in at least two different contexts (i.e., industries, organizations, or platforms). Adoption of the Innovation and its Adopter (or Implementation of the Intervention and Target Audience) Discussing the adoption/adopters/target audience of the intervention/innovation and how the service/solution providers interact with or reach out to the adopters or target audience to support the adoption/implementation. If applicable, you can also describe any conferences/workshops/webinars/social media channels devoted to disseminating the new information or development. Benefits, Opportunities, Cost, and Risks Discussing the Benefits, Opportunities, Cost, and Risks of the researched topic/intervention/innovation (if applicable). Impacts or Practical Implications Major Findings regarding the effects/impacts before and after the implementation of the intervention/innovation. Emerging/Future Trends Emerging/Future Trend(s) in the topic of the intervention/innovation Project Lessons Learned Project Lessons Learned References/Citations Reference a minimum of three academic journal/conference publications and three non-academic resources from websites/whitepapers/etc. If you work on a research project, the minimum requirement would be five academic journal/conference publications and one or two non-academic resources. Please use the academic databases (Links to an external site.) from UNT Libraries to search/retrieve relevant literature. You can use Interlibrary loan (Links to an external site.) to request the articles that are not available in UNT Libraries. Include in-text citations as well as references of all work that is not your own. Appendix(es) Appendix is not required but it may be useful to include. Images and Tables Images and tables are not required, but images, graphs, tables, etc. can help illustrate a point or concept. You are welcome to include these elements with your project within the text of your report or in the appendix. Include a citation if an image, graph, table, etc. is not your own original work.

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