Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

Personal and Transferable Skills

  1. Develop ability to critically assess engineering related environmental issues and propose sustainable strategies to address them.
  2. Communicate findings and discussion clearly, fluently and effectively using a range of appropriate styles.

Research, Knowledge and Cognitive Skills

  1. Effectively identify sustainability issues and appraise economic, social, and environmental impacts on industrially relevant engineering case studies.
  2. Conduct balanced, logical and critical discussions with respect to sustainable engineering to justify recommended outcomes.
  3. Employ appropriate numerical skills to evaluate impacts and develop sustainable engineering technologies.

Professional Skills

  1. Act autonomously with limited supervision or direction to produce critically analysed and justified solutions towards given tasks.

Assignment Brief

For this ICA, you are required to use the submission template provided and complete its 4 sections. 

The submission template can be found in the Assessment folder of your module Blackboard site.

Please read the entire assignment brief and understand the requirements before attempting the ICA.

Section 1: SDG case study canvas

You must use the SDG case study canvas provided to demonstrate your awareness of the importance of sustainable development in engineering activities, and ability to assess the sustainability of a specific SDG themed engineering case study (in terms of a wide range of environmental, societal, economic, ethical, health, safety, security, and risk factors).

Section 2: Sustainability assessment approach

You can use up to 500 words to answer the following question:

For your SDG case study, how will you approach sustainability assessment: Provide details of the method(s) you will use, why, and how you would conduct the sustainability assessment. 

Section 3: Reflection on SDG case solutions 

You can use up to 500 words for this section to reflect on the sustainable strategies and actions (termed here as SDG case solutions) you have proposed for the case presented in your SDG canvas in section 1. Please address the following:

Ethics: Identify and analyse the ethical concerns around your SDG case solutions.

Section 4: Reflection on group activity week and Citation of your information sources 

  You can use up to 500 words for this section which needs two activities to be completed:

  1. Reflect on activities and feedback from week 9 sessions. Specifically focus on:
  • What did you feedback to other groups/ other team members in terms of their SDG cases 
  • From a sustainability point of view, what did you find interesting from the feedback given to your team/other teams by other students and by the academics.

                 2. Cite your information sources for sections 1-3 in Teesside University Harvard format.