Method of assessment: Essay

Assessment Brief :

Assessment Task Detail and Instructions

Select, read, research and critically analyse a cover story of Harvard Business Review (Magazine):

  1. Please read cover stories featured in the last four issues of Harvard Business Review (Magazine)
  2. Select the cover story from one issue that you would wish to critique in your assignment. 
  3. Apply appropriate theoretical perspectives and themes covered in this module to critically analyse your chosen cover story. In critically analysing the cover story, clearly delineate the implications on business / nonbusiness organisations.


Feedback Arrangements: 

The module does not adopt use of assessment discussion board, however students are expected to use Student led workshops to raise queries and seek clarification and guidance on how to develop and draft the assignment(s). This approach of engaging with the assignment is geared towards greater use of peer support and engagement. We expect that dialogue around assessment(s) promote and enhance learning. To summarise, it is expected that students would actively seek feedback in the workshops, where verbal feedback will be provided. Students are encouraged to read the material provided and use the space provided in Discussion in Canvas to practice developing ideas and writing.