Word Count : 3500

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply a wide range of theoretical knowledge and relevant methodologies to assess the international  marketing environment for the purpose of identifying global opportunities, selecting/entering appropriate  markets and designing global marketing strategies.  
  • Develop indepth knowledge of theoretical concepts related to global marketing mix elements,  differentiated buyer behaviours, global supply chain management, distribution channels, big data, digital  marketing and analytics 
  • Analyse complex international environments and market scenarios using relevant data and strategic  frameworks and concepts. 
  • Apply international marketing theories to enable the identification and management of relevant target  international markets, derive relevant market entry and international marketing strategies.

The Assignment Task(s)

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3. Multiple drafts can be submitted up to the submission date.
4. Each submission will overwrite the previous one until the due date and time has passed.
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7. Your citation needs to follow the Harvard style referencing.