Word Counts : 1500 words

The concluding part of our Masters programme was The Consultancy Project. It was designed to allow students to put various skills that was acquired throughout the learning process into practice. This year, the logistic project was conducted on operational efficiency of Dover Cargo. Dover Cargo business involves the reception, storage and distribution of refrigerate or chilled fruit cargo shipped in Dover Eastern Dock. My team was charged to produce solutions that will add value and improve effectiveness of current operations within the warehouse. During this project I was assigned to lead a team. The task provided me an opportunity to exercise my leadership and management skills. The team consisted of eight members with majority of male, and from different ethnic background. In this report, I will conceptualise my role as well as the course of actions I undertook as a leader during the project with the aim of assessing group performance, project management and project outcome. To reflect on the consultancy experience, I will consult Borton’s (1970) reflection framework which is underpinned by three principles, summarised as: What? So what? Now what?.