Employee performance management is mostly focused on evaluating the productivity of workforces. However, the proposed study is aiming to evaluate the importance of employee performance management for HRM in employee retention.

Project Requirements

• Consists of Research, Design, Implementation and Test.
• Contains a significant element of original Research.

• Project must be relevant to your named MSc Programme title.
• Some original physical system, software, product, or process must exist at the end.

• You will be required to demonstrate the ability to:
– Identify and formulate the main problems.
– Organise appropriate approaches to solutions
– Understand any underlying theory
– Understand existing solutions
– Apply theoretical or heuristic models in order to arrive at a solution

– Undertake background research

– Design hardware/software/process/procedure
etc to implement a solution.

– Pay full attention to normal engineering

• Technical, Manufacturing, Reliability, Maintenance,
Ethical etc.