Word Count : 3000 words

For this assignment, you are required to critically analyse (not summarise) one real project* that has
already been completed– not one still in progress. You are to demonstrate that you have thought
about the project and offer critical comments and insights based on your understanding of project
management and its concepts.
The project:
Search for a real project. Look through the print or electronic media for examples of ‘projects’; any
types of projects in any community or work environment.
You can choose a project that was completed successfully or one that was not successfully
completed. Please note that we strongly encourage the selection of projects related to your field of
study (i.e Health, Art, IT, Management, Finance, etc).

Write a report that critically analyses how the project was planned and performed.
The report with appropriate headings and subheadings, should include:
1. Brief introduction to the project.
(Please give an overview of your project. This should explain what the project was and the context in
which the project occurred. Provide clear identification of the objective(s) and scope of the project).
2. A brief explanation of how the project was initiated and planned (eg. How the project aligns with the strategy of the sponsoring organisation, key events, tools used etc).
3. A project stakeholder analysis (who were the key stakeholders; what were their respective
interests; how well were they managed by the project leaders and managers, etc).
4. Describe the implementation phase of the project. In particular, explain whether the project ran to
plan – in which case explain the benefits of careful planning to the project manager. Alternatively, if
the project deviated from plan, why did this occur and what was the impact of these deviations for the project?

5. A critical analysis of the project outcome (i.e. identify the critical factors that made this project a
success or a failure).
6. Conclude by reflecting on the project, and what did you learn? What good practices will you, as a
manager, take from this to future projects, and what activities would you not do in the future and why?
7. The report should be fully referenced. A minimum of 10 references drawn from the project
management literature is required, of which a minimum of 5 must be from the articles of the course  Readings. Additionally, the Reference List is required to also shows all sources about the project cited in your assignment.
8. Appendices: Appendices as appropriate.

         The report should not exceed 3000 words and should be formatted using 1.5 line spacing and a font size of 12pt Calibri or 10pt Arial. The word limit is counted from the first word of the introduction to the last word of the conclusion/recommendations.