Please take some time to view the following four videos (at least twice) on the future of
Supply Chain Management.

Video 1. The Future of E-Supply Chains (3 mins)

Video 2. Supply Chain 2040 (10 mins)

Video 3. 8 Trends in Supply Chains (3 mins)

Video 4. Supply Chains enabling E-Commerce (9 mins)

Now answer the following 4 questions: with in-text citations and reference list at the end

1. Traditionally supply chain management was considered as a back-office function. In the
future it will be more about delivering a great customer experience. How will the supply
chain of the future be able to deliver exactly what the customer wants, to a location they
choose and at a time that meets their needs? (video 1)

2. As a result of Covid-19, Global Supply Chains have come under serious pressure to
continue to deliver. How will tools such as ‘predictive analysis’ and ‘artificial
intelligence’ help supply chain professionals better manage risk in the future? (video 2)

3. With greater emphasis being placed on ‘re-use’ and ‘recycle’, how will future supply
chains manage the need to incorporate ‘reverse flows’ and ‘circular logistics’? (video 3)

4. There are many challenges facing supply chain management. Two of the most difficult to
resolve are ‘last mile delivery’ and ‘product returns’. Describe how new technologies can
help to solve these tricky issues. (video 4)

Reference style: APA STYLE