Chatbots deployed by Indian Insurance companies research question : Are chatbots deployed by Indian insurance companies able to serve the purpose.

word count : 2000 words 

Customers experience of chatbots used by Indian insurance companies. Measurement of Customer satisfaction score and finding area of Improvements.

Proposed study on gap identification of purpose and customer experience. Also suggesting methods to plunge identified gaps.

1. What is chatbot? – Technology – Adoption by Industry – Futuristic trends?

2. How is it useful in Marketing? – Customer engagement

3. Selecting representative Industry for study – Indian Insurance companies – why this sector – % of Chatbot used by companies in this sector

4. Research methodology

  • Gap identification through secondary research
  • Data collection methodology
  • Segmentation and targeted respondents
  • Sample size and quota determination
  • Analysis plan

5. Findings of the study – Analysis of Secondary data

  • Analysis of Primary data
  • Hypothesis testing and results
  • Insights generated through data

6. Recommendations