Main Criteria and objectives of the assessment:

1.Using good quality academic and journalistic sources, prepare a 2000 word report for the case study provided Note: In your responses, you are allowed to improvise or add to the case study details provided. However, the case study should not be changed or compromised in any way.

2.Your knowledge and understanding of Human Resource Management of an organisation, including management of individual, team, and organisation will be critically examined

3.Identify the most important, single, immediate HR priority and the best way to tackle it effectively and rapidly.

4.To establish measurable levels of staff engagement and improve them by 50% over the next two years.

5. To reduce staff turnover levels in the coffee houses by 50% a year.

6.To ensure that scores and anonymous reviews left by employees and former employees on Glassdoor in the future are as positive as those of your major competitors.

7.Set out with persuasive business justification how you would go about meeting these four core objectives.


1  A Title Page
2  Executive Summary 
3  Contents Page
4  Outline of the primary HRM issues in the case study organization. 
5  Proposal to improve the delivery of HR Processes at the case study organization. 
6  Implementation plan including outline costings and responsibilities
7  References using Harvard Referencing conventions.
8  Recommendations
9  Conclusion.

Reference Style: Harvard Referencing.