Main objective ad criteria of the assessment:

You will need to prepare a 2500 words written report that details the following:
1. Knowledge of the Organisation in which the placement took place.
2. Critical analysis of your skills and reflection of your Professional practice during your one year attachment.

The report requires you to critique and reflect on your work placement experience from a developmental perspective by drawing on theory and its application in the workplace. A well-presented report will demonstrate your understanding of your professional developmental needs and underline your ability to undertake reflective practice that shapes your professional identity and development. An important aspect of this report will also underline your ability to apply theoretical concepts through a critical lens when it comes to your own professional experience.

You can pay particular attention to the skills area of your specialism, such as but not limited to, Leadership & Management, Marketing, Corporate Branding, Human Resources, AI Strategy, International Business, and Accounting.

Report Format and Structure
I. A good placement report should have the following structure:
1. Content Page
2. Introduction/ Executive Summary
3. The Provider and Your Role
4. Skills Analysis – An account based on your placement experience that focuses on theory and its practice to skills development, for example:
4.1. Communication
4.2. Problem-solving
4.3. Teamwork
4.4. Leadership
4.5. Networking
5. Personal Reflection
6. Conclusion
7. References

Reference style: Harvard Referencing