Word Count : 3000 words

Task :

You are required to write a report/essay as outlined in the assessment instruction and criteria.
It is important to ensure you read all aspects of the assessment topics. There is a 3000 word limit for this task. It is important to be aware of this parameter although regardless of the word count all criteria must be covered to the required standard. All sources must be referenced in accordance with the Chisholm Harvard Referencing Style, including in-text citations to acknowledge all sources of your work.

Report Overview:

The research assignment will involve the completion of Part A consisting of four (4) extended response questions relating to the unit content and Part B consisting of six (6) extended response questions relating to a criminal case (DPP v Ristevski or DPP v Esmaili).

The extended response questions contained in Part A relate to the following topics:
R1. Definition and Classification of Crime
R2. Elements of Crime and Factors affecting those Elements
R3. Strict and Absolute Liability Offences
R4. Carjacking

The extended response questions contained in Part B relate to your chosen criminal case and the
following topics:
R5. Criminal Case Background
R6. Criminal Case Offences, Elements and Jurisdiction
R7. Burden of Proof
R8. Defences to Crime
R9. Mitigating and Aggravating Factors in Sentencing
R10. Criminal Appeal Process

The performance level required is that of competence. The standard expected as an outcome is a
demonstration of your ability in applying knowledge and skills to demonstrate autonomy and sound
judgment relating to topics. It is imperative that your work is well set out, grammatically correct, and
within the accepted 3000 word count (10% leeway). Quality research must be undertaken, (references to ”Wikipedia” etc. will not constitute quality research). There is no set number of sources that you must use, however the quality of sources is more important than quantity.

Reference style: Harvard Referencing Style