Learning Outcomes

  • Use given classifications and theories to evaluate information from appropriate literature about the dynamic business environment.
  • Use suggested numerical approaches, techniques, or software to process and interpret data for given tasks as digital business professionals. 
  • Use academic conventions and reference sources in a consistent pattern in line with the UoN guidance provided.
  • Identify areas for self-development and explore strengths and weaknesses, through reflecting on own role, purpose, and effect within relevant personal and professional communities.
Assessment Task
A 500-word (minimum) individual written reflection report which explores your
strengths and weaknesses based upon the potential employers’ expectations and
requirements. You are required to use academic literature and statistics from
professional bodies or official statistics websites (citations & references needed).
For example,
  • You can try to apply theories about what contributes to effective communication to evaluate your communication skills
  • You can convert data from this CMI report into a bar chart in Excel with colour
    theme that is consistent with your portfolio theme

Reference Style : Harvard