Word Count : 2500 words

General Assessment Guidance

  • This summative assessment is a Written Report consisting of 7 tasks. Each task should start on a fresh (new) page. Tables and figures must be numbered and titled.
  • The word limit is 2,500 words and should be adhered to. Words in tables and figures do
    not count towards the word limit.

Task 1 – Project selection

You are a member of the class project team in charge of evaluating and approving fundraising
projects. Use the provided proposal evaluation form (Table 1) to formally evaluate and rank
each proposal. Please consider that every project must meet the “must” objectives and there
are “want” objectives that you would like to achieve.


  1. All projects must be safe and legal and comply with university policies.
  2. All projects must be capable of earning at least $500.
  3. All projects must be able to be completed within nine weeks.
  4. All projects must provide an opportunity for every project team member to experience and learn about project management.


  1. Earn more than $500 for a charity
  2. Increase public awareness of the charity
  3. Provide a resume worthy experience for students
  4. Be featured on local TV news
  5. Be fun to do



The project is a three-on-three basketball tournament to raise money for the Down Syndrome
Association. The tournament will consist of three brackets: Co-ed, Male, and Female teams.
There will be a $40 entry fee per team, and additional funds will be derived from the sale of
commemorative T-shirts ($10). Winning teams will receive gift baskets consisting of donations
from local businesses and restaurants. The event will be held at the university’s recreational

Organise a raffle contest. Raffle tickets will be sold for 3$ a piece, with the winning ticket
worth $300. Each of the six team members will be responsible for selling 50 raffle tickets. All
profits will go to the American Cancer Society.

Organise a Texas Hold’em poker tournament at a campus dining facility. It will cost $20 to
enter the tournament with a $15 buy-in fee. Prizes include $300, $150, and $50 gift
certificates to a large department store. Gift certificates are purchased from entry fees. All
players will be eligible to win two donated tickets to Men and Women basketball games.
Funds raised will go to the local county food shelter.

The purpose of this project is to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless. Students will
donate 10 dollars to participate in building and living in a cardboard city on the university
quad for one night. Building materials will be provided by local recycling centres and hardware
stores. Hot soup will be provided by the team at midnight to all participants. Proceeds go to
the local homeless shelter.

Task 2 – Project structure
Assume you work for an electronic company. Your R&D people believe they have come up
with an affordable technology that will double the capacity of existing MP3 players and uses
an audio format that is superior to MP3. What kind of project management structure would
you recommend they use for the proposed project? Why do you recommend this structure?

Task 3 – Project scope statement
You should submit a scope statement for a spring concert sponsored by the entertainment
council at London Metropolitan University (London Met). London Met is a university with over
12,000 students. An entertainment company has budgeted $30,000 for the project. The event
is to occur on June 5th. Please write a scope statement including objectives, Justification,
deliverables, milestones, technical requirements, limits and exclusions, and acceptance

Task 4 – Project stakeholder assessment plan
For the project introduced in task 3, identify a minimum of 4 stakeholders. Then, map their
impact on the project using the power–interest matrix.

Task 5 – Project risk management
For the project introduced in task 3, identify a minimum of 4 potential risks associated with
this project. Then, identify a response and a contingency plan for each risk.

Task 6 – Project scheduling
The G&E Company is preparing a bid to build the new 47,000-seat Ventura baseball stadium.
The construction must start on June 10, 2023, and be completed in time for the start of the
2026 season. A penalty clause of $500,000 per day of delay beyond April 3rd is written into
the contract.
Percival Young, the president of the company, expressed optimism at obtaining the contract
and revealed that the company could net as much as $3 million on the project. He also said
if they were successful, the prospects of future projects are bright since there is a projected
renaissance in building classic ball parks with modern luxury boxes.
Given the information provided in Table 2, and considering that the construction crew work
Monday through Friday, develop a WBS and Gantt chart and a network for the stadium
project using MS Project. Next, answer the following questions:
 Will the project be able to be completed by the April 3rd deadline? How long will it take?
 What is the critical path for the project?

Task 7- Project evaluation and control
Consider the following project information. The total budget is $36,000 and is expected to
last six months. After four months, you have calculated the following information about the
Planned Value (PV)=$29,000, Earned Value (EV)=$30,500, and Actual Cost (AC)=$28,000.
Based on this information, calculate the SPI and CPI. What is the estimated time and cost to
completion? What does this information tell you about the project?