Word Count : 3000 words

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

  1. Examine the importance of effective people management in relation to organisational success.
  2. Analyse the recruitment and selection process carried out by organisations.
  3. Prepare a CV and covering letter and demonstrate interview techniques for successful recruitment.
  4. Appraise pay and reward, performance management, training and development in relation to employee motivation.


This assessment takes the form of a 3,000-word employability portfolio, much of which will have been built up during the course of the module.

The portfolio should include the following aspects:

  1. A brief overview of why people management is important to ensure organisational success. (10%)
  2. Identification of your chosen job and the top 4-7 skills required for the role, evidenced using job advertisements/job descriptions etc and assessment of how you meet these skills and identification of areas you need to develop. (20%)
  3. Demonstration of how your CV and covering letter promote brand ‘you’. (20% including CV and covering letter)
  4. Reflection on learning throughout module and next steps. (10%)

Reference Style : Harvard Style