Task :

A Building Condition Survey provides an assessment of the condition of a building. Building  components and defects can be assessed and rated to provide the condition status of the  building. Building Condition Surveys are critical in the decision-making process of building  owners with respect to maintenance, renovation, sales and purchase and/or legal issues.  

Your company has been engaged to conduct a Building Condition Survey of a building and  you have been assigned as a team leader to do the task.

Report Format 

  1. Introduction/building brief
  2. Building Condition Report
  3. Desktop Study
  4. Conclusion

Assignment Presentation 

(a) Cover / content / reference page 

(b) Graphic labelling and reference 

(c) Formatting in term of uniformity of spacing, font size, paragraphing, grammar,  spelling and page number, provision of appendices, reference and photographic  records