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In the event that a student intends to conduct research outside of England, they will be subject to the local ethical review regulations of each country in which they intend to carry out the research. This applies to online research as well. They may also require additional approvals via an appropriate review procedure in each country. It will be the responsibility of the student to ensure that they obtain the necessary authority to conduct research outside of England.

No research can be conducted with humans unless University of Chester ethical approval has been granted.

It is recommended that you do not conduct research within the NHS given the time that the process can take for approval from the ‘Integrated Research Application System’ (IRAS). However, if you are required to do so on your work-based programme, please seek your tutor’s and your line manager’s guidance as to the most effective route for approval.

If you are undertaking any form of research within / for / or about an organisation you will require written permission of that organisation, and this should be submitted with this ethics form (e.g. an email from a line manager). The identity of the organisation should normally be anonymised unless the organisation has agreed to this in their written permission.

Please note you must not embark on your research until you have ethical approval

You must get your supervisor’s approval before you upload the form

Check your programme/ module guidance for specific issues relating to this process

Outline of the project:

Please provide as much detail as you can including (as relevant):

− Methods

− Main Research Question

− Aim and/or Hypothesis

− Research Objectives and/or Propositions

− Research Design/Data Collection:

  •  Interviews- meetings, test sessions, duration of the research project.
  • Focus Groups
  • Questionnaires
  • Survey
  • Experiments
  • Observational
  • Archival study methods;
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Mixed methods
  • Other- define

− Method of respondent recruitment (if relevant): How prospective participants have been identified and selected for contact regarding potential recruitment.

− Points that should be considered include: participants and consent; permissions from organisations involved; confidentiality and anonymity; whether any inclusion / exclusion criteria or special / vulnerable populations are involved (including under 18s); right to withdrawal; deception; potential risks to participants or researchers

− Explain how you will maintain data protection. State what personal and/ or sensitive data you may collect and how this will be stored (see guidance UK General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Ethical Issues: Please address all ethical concerns which may include, but not be limited to, the following areas:

− Potentially vulnerable participants

− Safeguarding/child protection

− International research -see UoC policy on ‘Research Outside England’

− Risks to participants and/or researchers

− Confidentiality/Anonymity challenges

− Disclosures/limits to confidentiality

− Data storage and security both during and after the research (including transfer, sharing, encryption, protection)

− Dissemination and use of findings

− The demands on participants: time and travel requirements, monetary costs,

− Anything in the research which might lead to ethical issues: such as sensitivity of subject area.