Individua lPortfolio (3000words)

1-Identify a multi-national organization. Critically analyse the strategy of the organization utilizing the range of strategy content. Please also identify the competitive advantage of your selected organisation.

2-Identify a significant event, challenge, transformation or merger/acquisition that affected the organization. Please make sure you take into consideration the current pandemic and other contemporary drivers of change.

3-Analyse how the challenge was managed by the organization, with a focus on leadership, culture, and the human relations aspects of the context.

4-Discuss how the organization’s strategy impacted the management of the challenge. Further more, critically discuss the impact of the challenge on the organization’s strategy.

Additional information on the assessment:

You are encouraged to search for potential organizations early and ensure that you have access to adequate data sources for completing your report, before you finalize your choice. This assessment will be graded using the following criteria:

(i)Critical analysis of the strategy of the organization, applying theories and conceptual frameworks covered in the module(30%)

(ii)Critical application of leadership and management of change models/theories to analyze the context in question(30%)

(iii)Discussion and synthesis of the strategy and change aspects of the selected challenge; evidence of wider reading critically applied in your analyses(30%)

(iv)Presentation, structure, grammar and referencing(10%)

The following Learning Out comes are demonstrated via this assessment Knowledge

1.Discuss the nature and roots of competitive advantage

2.Critically discuss the dilemmas inherent in integrating ethics and social responsibility in to organisational strategy

3.Critically evaluate different models/theories and perspectives on leadership and the management of change

4.Discuss the dilemmas inherent in strategy development and change management Thinking skills

5.Appraise the strategic situation of a business or business unit on the basis of complex, incomplete and ambiguous information Subject-based practical skills

6.Determine the appropriate leadership and change management approach for a particular organisational context

7.Appraise strategic proposals and develop contextually appropriate alternatives Skills for life and work(general skills)

8.Communicate effectively on strategy, leadership and change management to both expert and non-expert audiences