Word Count : 3000 words


In this assignment you are asked to study and produce a detailed technical report for a  smart city monitoring system based on Internet of Things technologies. The aim of the system will be

a.to collect information regarding the state of the city (e.g.ambient environmental conditions; distribution of people inside the city, traffic jams, etc) ;

b.to promptly inform authorities in case of emergencies providing them with crucial information (location of emergency such as fire or terrorist attack; citizens in potential danger, etc);

c.to facilitate authorities inefficiently dealing with the emergency by providing (near-)real time information regarding its evolution(e.g.areasaffected;currentweatherconditions;distributionofemergency response units; information on potentially endangered citizens).The system will employ several sources, technologies and methods to collect data (e.g. sensor networks, crowdsensing, LAN and WAN  IoT tech , etc) . The report should be comprehensive in the sense that it should address all aspects of the system; from functional and technical requirements, and system sub-modules (front-end, back-end, individual sub-systems) to a detailed system architecture covering all layers of the ISO / OSI model. You should use appropriate means in order to make your report more comprehensive (e.g. figures and diagrams).