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The objectives of present study are as mentioned here under

1. To study the socio-economic conditions of children of migrant workers adopted by Jnanadeep Balavikas Kendra

2. To analyze the employment, income and expenditure patterns of among the migrant households identified for the study

3. To examine the causative factors for migration workers selected for the present study

4. To study the household characteristic factors among the migrant workers;

5. To gauge the household capital status and household risk of migrant workers and its impact on their children.

6. To analyze the nature of support services provided to the children of migrant workers by Jnanadeep Balavikas Kendra.


The household attributes besides its capital factors, and household risk factors have an influence on livelihood security among the migrant households, at their places of origin.

(1. The household characteristic factors ( number of household members, average age of household members, number of dependent household members, number of migrants, migration year, migration reason, migration method, and frequency of remittance received. 2) Household capital factors; economic capital, human capital, social capital, physical capital and natural capital 3) household risk factor; household risks.)