A Japanese supplier of solar panels for solar energy is planning to enter Indian market to expand the sales of the business. The company has a scarce knowledge of,

1. Promising states in India
2. Competitor landscape and their differentiators or KSF (key success factor)
3. Possible target customers (solar panel buyers), how to sell products to those customers.
You got the opportunity to make a proposal to search these items to create a strategy plan.
Deliverable: You may consider the following analysis areas within 2 slides but are not limited to:
1. Overall research item and analytical approach that should be executed during the project duration
(covering all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd items mentioned above)
2. Market Size/Size of opportunity, key segments, and outlook (states in India) with supporting
information (covering 1st item mentioned above)

• May use secondary information (ex. Google, databases) as per your preference
Note : You can refer to secondary sources, but please refrain from just copying and pasting graphs, charts and figures.
(please re-generate pictorial information by Power Point or Excel.)
For interviewers – Typical evaluation criteria

  • Analysis and reasoning
  • Design capability of the entire research items in a MECE way
  • Overall format, visualization, and presentation of information with charts and graphs
  • Storyboarding (arrangement & flow of content)
  • Hypothetical approach