To what extent did the COVID-19 pandemic affect Avianca’s profitability, liquidity
and solvency in 2022?
– This investigation is meant to be developed under the conceptual lense of IB Finance.
– (Avianca is a colombian airline).


– Select a real business issue or problem for their business research project that relates to any part of the syllabus
– Refer directly to a single business organization but may consider industry-wide issues that impact on that organization
– Provide a research question that could either be forward looking or backward looking
– Base their research on primary and/or secondary research, selected for its suitability, depth and breadth
– Use tools, techniques and theories to answer your Research Question (You need 3)
– Attach to the business research project five supporting documents from which the majority of the information for the project has been obtained
– Fully reference all supporting documents and additional sources and include them in a bibliography.
– Do not use personal pronouns (e.g. I, we, you, our) anywhere in the IA.

Example of tools, techniques and theories to answer the Research Question (the
assignment to complete is HL)

The key is determining which of the tools and theories are going to help you answer your
question and then using those ones well — to clearly relevance to the research question. I’ve
bolded all of those business management toolkit tools that are taught to SL and HL students,
but you should not feel limited by this list. The key again is figuring out which tools and
theories are going to help you the most in answering your question and using those.
● SWOT analysis
● Ansoff matrix
● STEEPLE analysis
● Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix
● Business plan
● Decision trees
● Descriptive statistics. These include: Mean, Mode, Median, Bar charts, Pie charts,
Infographics, Quartiles, and Standard deviation
● Circular business models. These include: Circular supply models, Resource recovery
models, Product life extension models, Sharing models, and Product service system
● Force field analysis (HL only)
● Gantt chart (HL only)
● Hofstede’s cultural dimensions (HL only)
● Porter’s generic strategies (HL only)
● Contribution (HL only) These include: Make or buy analysis, Contribution costing, and
Absorption costing
● Critical path analysis (HL only) These include: Completion and analyses of a critical
path diagram (drawing of the diagram is not expected), Identification of the critical
path, Calculation of free and total float.
● Simple linear regression (HL only). This includes: Scatter diagrams, Line of best fit and