Word Count : 1000 words

Learning outcomes assessed in this assessment  

Critically explore and discuss human and health rights in relation to Sustainable Development

General Guidance  

Assignment should be word-processed (handwritten assignments are not accepted), using Time  New Roman size 12 font, double spaced, with numbered pages and your student number printed as a  footer on every page.  

The word limits stated for this assignment excludes the reference list at the end of the assignment but  include all text in the main body of the assignment (including direct quotations, in-text citations,  footnotes, tables, diagrams, and graphs).  

Please be aware that exceeding the word count limit will affect the academic judgment of the piece of  work and may result in the award of a lower mark.

PART B: You need to also provide your script as a separate word document. This will be around 1000 words 

The document should include:  

  • Interpretation of the title slide  
  • Interpretation of your aims and objectives  
  • Description in your own words of the human/health rights and SDG 3 and its targets 
  • Interpretation of human/health rights to SDG3  
  • A conclusion with a summary of the critical discussion points  
  • References using Harvard referencing 

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