Word Count : 2200 words

Learning Outcomes

  • Show clear and comprehensive understanding of key cybersecurity terminologies.
  • Critically discuss common technical security controls.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the core threats and resolutions with respect to Information and System Security.
  • Demonstrate systematic understanding of knowledge, and a critical awareness of cybersecurity core concepts and techniques
Assignment Brief
           Study the Microsoft Exchange 0-day exploits, and any TWO other cybersecurity attacks (ONE in the UK and ONE in the US) that has emerged in the past 18 months. Name and describe those three attacks, identify key cybersecurity terminologies, and offer technical solutions. You can format your essay in four key sections that address the following four areas:
1. Describe what happened when, and by/to whom, – who were the parties involved? If information is available describe from a low-level (bottom-up approach) how the exploit or hack was accomplished. Your sources must be adequately referenced.
2. Identify SIX (6) key cybersecurity terminologies (2 from each attack). Where a term was used, describe in what context it was used, and give some details. For example, if “attack vector” is mentioned, then what was the attack vector used and what did it achieve?
3.Describe technical controls for each of the identified cybersecurity terminologies. For example, if “buffer overflow” is mentioned, then what is your understanding of buffer overflow and how can it be prevented? You can discuss this point in terms of technical controls that could prevent the type of exploit in question, specifically for the case study or generally. Note that this allows you to demonstrate your understanding and awareness of cybersecurity threats, concepts, and techniques.
4. Conclusion: Discuss any similarities in the three attacks you have studied and conclude with, based on the three attacks, what you think is the common and most significant cybersecurity threat.
Reference : APA 6th Edition