Individual Reflection Report

Word Count : 3000 words

The aim of the module is to propose an engineering product and present a detailed technical, research and engineering plan. Students need to devise a product that has a market need, do background research into the technology, do competitor analysis, produce product designs, and investigate the legal and ethical issues associated with the proposed product.

The module consists of two cohorts, Engineering Management and technical MSc students (studying Electronics or Cybernetics and Communications). The technical students will focus on a mobile robot product and will involve building a prototype. The Engineering Management students will choose an appropriate product area early in the project.

Individual interim progress report – The aim of this report is for individuals to detail the work/activities undertaken by the individual members of a group.

You are required to maintain an ongoing log of all project activity and progress. You should use this to support you in preparing your interim progress report. You should ensure that you summarise the aims of the project, include project milestones, project plan, and clearly state what the current progress in relation to the plan is. You should discuss the events and decisions that led to progress or lack of progress.

The interim progress report should be around 2000 words. It should be prepared to a good professional standard, with cover-page, table of contents, introduction, appropriate sections, and a summary. Academic citations are not necessary for this report butcan be included. Submission is as a single PDF to NOW Dropbox.