Topic: Organizational Studies

Organizational Studies, specifically in the area of Organizational Culture. This proposal is for a paper connected to Organization Studies. The perspective must pivot around the subject of Organizational Culture.

A robust understanding of Business Organizational Culture is vital for this job, as the proposal should be insightful, articulate, and compelling.

Research proposal paper must consists of :

Chapter 1 – Introduction
a. Research problem
b. Research objective
c. Research questions

Chapter 2 – Highlights of the Works
a. Organizational Background Study & Organizational Chart
b. The dependent variable
c. Non-Dependent Variables
d. Relationship between Dependent Variable & Non-Dependent Variable
e. Study Framework
f. Research Hypothesis

Chapter 3 – Study Methodology
a. Population
b. Sample
c. Respondent
d. Data collection
7. Closing
8. Reference – APA style