Word Count : 1000 words

Essay – Critical analysis of two contemporary refereed journal articles


Conduct a search of peer reviewed journals (see list of journals below). You will select two contemporary refereed journal articles (the articles should be no older than 10 years). You will apply your critical thinking and analysis skills to produce an essay that analyses the two journal articles. You will analyze the literature, the topic and related issue/s in the literature, and the methodological approaches to manage and overcome the issue/s in the journal articles. You will critically analyze and synthesize the key arguments and findings from the two peer reviewed journal articles as they apply to local and/or national and/or global contexts. The purpose of this assessment is to build your critical thinking and analysis skills. When you analyze an article, you build generic academic skills. As more people are hired for how they think, this assessment will help augment your analytic skills that may support you make decisions at the workplace.
Your application of critical thinking and analysis in this assessment will help to improve your thought processes.                                                                                                                                                                     

List of Refereed Journals: Start by researching within the following list of peer reviewed HRM journals. Do not use any other journals. 

• Academy of Management

 • International Journal of Human Resource Management 

• Journal of Human Resources 

• Personnel Review 

• Organization Studies 

• Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources

Course Learning Outcomes:


This assessment is relevant to the following course learning outcomes:


  1. CLO2 Critically analyze issues using key concepts based on HRM theories to formulate appropriate strategies that can be successfully applied in workplace contexts
  2. CLO3 Investigate, analyze, and synthesize the effect of HRM practices on ethical, social, economic, political, technological and environmental factors that impact on organisations and the labor market.
  3. CLO4 Critically analyze the complexity of applying HRM theories and approaches to make professional decisions regarding the management of employees in domestic and 


Assessment details:


This essay is a critical analysis of two refereed journal articles – please do not describe article one and then describe the second article separately. You must carry out a critical analysis of one article compared to the other.


In essay form you will critically analyze two contemporary refereed journal articles (no older than 10 years) on one topic and you will select the topic.  Select the topic ‘Performance Management’ and analyze issues such as employee goals or employee behavior’s. You might select the topic ‘Wellbeing oriented HRM’ , and you will analyze issues such as poor training and development and organizational support. Once you select a topic you would then have to find two articles on the same topic from the same or a different journal. You will easily access refereed journals in the RMIT library. To analyze the articles, you will identify the topic and purpose of each of the articles, the literature and issues identified in the literature – note the gap/s in the literature, and the methodological approaches in each article to manage and overcome the issues. You will also identify the author/s key points/arguments or findings in the discussion section of each article.

Referencing Style: Harvard referencing