Research & Project Proposal

Learning Outcomes tested in this assessment (from the Module Descriptor):

Knowledge & Understanding:

1. Deploy comprehensive knowledge and understanding of appropriate techniques and tools to plan, research and manage a computing technical project Intellectual / Professional skills & abilities:

2. Systematically identify and analyse a complex computing problem and produce a project proposal to solve it, considering professional, ethical, social and legal issues

3. Appreciate and apply appropriate techniques, tools and knowledge to support effective project management, research and advanced scholarship

Personal Values Attributes (Global / Cultural awareness, Ethics, Curiosity) (PVA):

4. Demonstrate independent research and enquiry skills at an appropriately advanced level in the construction of a computing project proposal

Nature of the submission required:

All submission is electronic, paper copies are not accepted.

Instructions to students:

This is an individual piece of work and you must not work with others to construct your report. During the semester there are numerous opportunities to seek and get advice and support on your work, from tutors and peers but you must ensure you do not do work for others or copy work from others, to do so would constitute academic misconduct.

Referencing Style: Assessment

You must use the reference style of the journal you have identified as relevant to your area of work, see “Sources and Knowledge” later in the assignment brief.



For the KF7028 assignment, you must produce a proposal for a short research project. The proposal is the foundation of the 60-credit project that you will study as part of your postgraduate programme, KF7029 MSc Computer Science & Digital Technologies Project.

This assignment is therefore doubly important:

  • It accounts for 80% of the marks for KF7028.
  • It is essential preparation for your research project.

As stated, the KFG7029 research project will account for 60 credits (one-third) of your programme of study. Typically, you will spend 600 hours on this project.

Your KF7028 research proposal will be approximately 3000 words and specify the project background, motivation and relevance to your programme of study; its scope, aims and objectives; a plan of the major activities. Your proposal should draw on current and recent research and other appropriate sources of information and cite these sources using a consistent standard referencing system. The proposal will be assessed by your allocated module tutors for the module or by your supervisor and a second marker, feedback will be provided, consisting of suggestions and comments on how to improve the project.

You will be allocated your project supervisor in semester two of your study period. If you start your study in September, you will be allocated a project supervisor in second semester January – May. If you start your study in January, you will be allocated your supervisor in your second semester September – January.

This proposal should be based on the outcome of your own research and of the meetings with your tutors, peers and supervisors. This supervisor/tutor will be confirmed with you by the end of week 6. By this time, you should have produced a draft copy of your proposal. Your supervisor/tutor will provide individual support and formative feedback during the preparation of your research proposal.