Learning Outcomes:
On completion of this assignment, students should be able to demonstrate
their ability to

  1. Critically analyse the current brand equity of a business.
  2. Comprehensively evaluate and select the most appropriate marketing
    communications method(s) applicable to a given business scenario.
  3. Develop a fully justified integrated marketing communications plan in
    response to a live client brief.

Task 1 (Learning Outcome 1)
Critically evaluate the role that primary brand elements and secondary brand
associations play in contributing to your chosen organisation’s brand equity. In
doing so, you should analyse the PODs and POPs for your chosen organisation,
comparing it with its main competitor(s).
In addition, the chosen organisation wishes to enhance its product portfolio by
introducing a new product line. Using secondary market research data to support
your ideas, discuss your plan for a brand extension idea that could help contribute
towards the organisation’s overall sustainability and ethical propositions.
Task 2 (Learning Outcomes 2 and 3)
Develop a marketing communications plan that explains how your chosen
organisation could create awareness of its new range of products in the UK market.
The brand wishes the campaign to run for a period of 3 months between June 2024
and August 2024 and are looking to integrate various elements of the marketing
communications mix. The budget for the campaign is £250,000.

Reference: Harvard Referencing Style