Module Learning Outcomes (MLOs)
1. Have a critical understanding of project management principles, methods, techniques, and tools.
2. Be able to critically apply decision making, problem solving and project management skills in a given problem/opportunity scenario.
3. Be able to critically apply data analytics tools/software packages in a given problem scenario.
4. Be able to demonstrate and reflect on the interpersonal and team working skills.


1. An introduction to the problem/opportunity statement regarding the chosen project [10%]
2. Identifying the stakeholders and deliverables of the project [20%]
3. Critically evaluate the progress on the project by using key business intelligence/data analytics systems on MS Excel or other software(s) (by developing
dashboards) [30%]
4. Critical analysis and justification of developed dashboard (MS Excel) [20%]
5. Conclusion and recommendations for the successful implementation and use of a BI / DA solution in your chosen project [10%]
6. Clarity of expression. The presentation must be supported by academic references and examples and include a single reference list [10%]

Reference: Harvard Referencing Style