Word Count : 1000 words

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

  1. A description of the equipment typically used in the technique including important characteristics.

  2. A description of the outcome measures that are typically used with this technique, including an outline of how they are calculated.

  3. A critical appraisal of the validity and reliability of the outcome measures.

Task :

The formative  is a narrative literature review.

This is not formally marked being only formative in nature. The literature review will be to investigate the validity and reliability of one of the measurement techniques that will be used in the case. So You are becoming familiar with the quality of the data collection methods. This will provide them with the background to be able to discuss and critique the data presented in the case report. Depending on the case presented the student should explore one of the following techniques:

• 3D motion analysis, including measurement of joint motions and loading (moments/ground reaction forces).

• Muscle activity measurement (EMG either fine wire, or surface electrodes. Collection and processing of the data.

• Pressure measurement (foot-ground pressure distribution). Collection and processing of the data

Reference Style : APA Style